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Welcome to the reports section. Find listed below some of our reports. Please feel free to download and share the publications.


A Report of SAfAIDS 2nd Regional Workplace Symposium - June 2007

A Report of SAfAIDS 2nd Regional Symposium on "Working for Health: Innovative Models in HIV and AIDS programming in the World of Work." 27-29 June 2007, Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia
In order to address the challenges highlighted above SAfAIDS successfully organised and conducted a regional symposium from 27-29 June 2007 at Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia. This was the second SAfAIDS regional workplace symposium after the 2004 Windhoek Symposium. The theme of the symposium was "Working for Health: Innovative Models in HIV and AIDS programming in the world of work.

Caring from within – Key findings and policy recommendations on home-based care in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, as in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, home-based care (HBC) plays a vital role in the response to HIV as overwhelmed public health and welfare systems fail to cope with the demands of the epidemic. HBC organizations have evolved and grown relatively organically throughout Zimbabwe in response to the epidemic, supporting and directing the activities of caregivers as the epidemic has dictated.
To understand more about the development of home-based care (HBC) in Zimbabwe and its future potential, Irish Aid engaged Health & Development Networks (HDN) and SAfAIDS to assess and document lessons from HBC interventions. Since 2005, Irish Aid has supported HBC initiatives in Zimbabwe, and is currently funding 15 HBC programmes throughout the country. The current project was designed to contribute to better understanding and assist evidence-based decision-making in the implementation of HBC interventions in Zimbabwe and beyond.

The goal of this publication is to guide HBC implementers, policy-makers, regional and international organizations, and donors in designing and prioritizing HBC programmes, creating policies and targeting funding to make a real difference to people's lives at the local level.


Note: 'Caring from within' official launch was held at the International AIDS Conference 2008 on 6 August, 2008.

Swaziland ART Policy Dialogue 2

Attendive APD Participants

The aim of this report is to outline the proceedings of the second ART Policy Dialogue (APD), which was held at the National HIV and AIDS Information Centre (NERCHA/SAfAIDS) in Manzini, Swaziland on the 17th of July 2007. The second APD was informed by the initial APD hence the theme "Nutrition, Herbs and ART: How can This Critical Linkage Be Supported By Policy?" Participants included representatives from the six SAfAIDS implementing partners, community based organisations, PLWHA, representatives from MOHSW, media houses, UN agencies, USG to mention but a few.

Literature Review Report: Regional Children's HIV Treatment Literacy Toolkit for Communities

Antiretroviral therapy relates to the process of treating someone following a positive HIV test result. It involves counselling, support and advice on nutrition and lifestyle, blood tests to determine the status of your health and the eventual taking of antiretroviral drugs, (SAfAIDS, 2007). There has been little documentation of experiences in the identification, treatment and management of young children who are HIV positive. In addition there is scarce information about how communities, caregivers and health providers can work together to improve access to treatment for children, (The Population Council, 2006). The challenge in the region is therefore the availability of information that can be accessed by young children infected and affected by HIV, and their carers to gain a better understanding of the epidemic and how it impacts on them personally and at community level.

"I am at the lowest end of all": Rural Women Living with HIV face Human Rights Abuses in South Africa

'I am at the lowest end of all': Rural women living with HIV face human rights abuses in South Africa is a rep ort by Amnesty International, March 2008.

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