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Workplace Policies

Enhancing Workforce Productivity through Workplace Wellness Programmes

Studies suggest that on average, an employee with a chronic illness such as Diabetes Mellitus, HIV or TB, can lose 3 - 4 months of work per year, resulting in potential losses of 20–30% of their annual household income. Comprehensive Employee Wellness Programmes in the workplace can:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower life insurance premiums
  • Increase staff morale  
  • Improve corporate image and corporate clout (Kotler& Lee, 2005).

SAfAIDS offers technical support on workplace wellness programming to government department and institutions, private sector and NGOs across Africa. SAfAIDS assists organisations to review their existing policy documents and / or develop comprehensive workplace wellness policies and programmes that help address the impact of chronic illness, especially TB, HIV and AIDS, in the workforce. Contact our Regional Office for more information (


SAfAIDS also develops IEC materials that support our partners’ workplace wellness capacity. To date SAfAIDS has assisted 150 + institutions, private sector, donors, NGOs and governments, such as the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, DFID Malawi, CARE in Lesotho and South Africa, Crystal Candy Pvt Ltd in Zimbabwe, HIVOS and others.


SAfAIDS compliments policy, development and training support with e-based information and communication platforms to share and exchange information, knowledge and experience on topical wellness related thematic issues.


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Workplace poster

Staying positive and healthy in the workplace: Wellness@Work, Issue 1, 2012

Welcome to this flagship edition of the Wellness at Work Newsletter where we hope to share with you information, ideas and experiences to help you and your organisations to stay healthy, wealthy and productive.

Workplace HIV Programmes: Implementation Guide, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

This Implementation Guide assumes that a workplace HIV policy is already in place in the user organisation or sector. The Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development Manual covers the principles and practical steps for development of such a policy.

Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development: Training Manual, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

The training manual serves as an important guide intended for use, either as part of training workshop to develop workplace HIV programmes, or for workplace policy development. It takes the user through a step by step sequence in establishing workplace HIV policy and programmes, providing guidance on how to involve various stakeholders in programming and on how to create strategic partnerships in a workplace setting. It also guides on how to monitor and evaluate workplace programmes.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands Family Fun Day

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands (EKN) held a fun day for its workers and their families at Cresta Lodge on 5 January 2012. SAfAIDS provided logistical support to the event combined for both the adults and children. The master of ceremony was the famous Hazvinei Sakarombe (DJ Chillie) who led the event right through to end of day. Mrs Barbara Joziasse the Dutch Ambassador to Zimbabwe graced the occasion as guest of honour.

Doing it by yesterday: Accelerated workplace policy development

Praxis Note. 60: Doing it by yesterday: Accelerated workplace policy development: Experiences from SAfAIDS Zimbabwe, February 2011

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