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TB and HIV - Dual Response

A success story: Surviving Tuberculosis

Masiza Lukhele is an ex-miner who lives in Buseleni - a chiefdom found in Nkwene constituency. He earns a living from keeping poultry in a small scale that helps him keep his family slightly above the poverty datum line. He was diagnosed with TB while working in the dusty tunnels of one of the South African mines. He first enrolled for treatment in Lebanon hospital in the Republic of South Africa and was successful in completing a six months long treatment. During his treatment he was compelled to retire from work.

TB: Steps to recovery

What you can do during your TB treatment

  • Ask your health services provider about eating healthily while you are on TB treatment. Eating a balanced diet will help your body make best use of the TB medicines, so that you get stronger faster
  • Identify someone to be your treatment buddy and assist you to take your medicines every day
  • Keep going to the clinic for your follow up visits as instructed

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