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Call for Expression of Interest - ZNNP+ Gender Audit

1. Background


ZNNP+ is the first network of PLHIV in Africa that led to the birth of other networks in the region, such as BONEPWA of Botswana. With 15 years of existence having been registered in 1999 (PVO 2/99), the network is a national umbrella body whose mandate is to represent and coordinate the interests of networks and support groups of PLHIV, with a membership of over 50 000 PLHIV. The organization operates in all the ten provinces and 65 districts of the country, with vibrant advocacy structures at ward, district, provincial and national level.


2. Rationale


In 2014, ZNNP+ received support to conduct an organizational assessment, with part of the results indicating the need for technical support and capacity building on strategies and tools to plan effectively and implement programmes to engage men and boys for gender transformation including addressing power imbalances between men and women and in governance and leadership positions (ward, districts provincial and national level capacities).Male dominance in leadership positions was cited as being very prevalent and need to be addressed holistically and from a positive and progressive perspective. ZNNP+ is strongly committed “to actively move towards a gender-transformative approach” and as a first step, the organization has acknowledged the need to  “undertake a gender audit of its structures, culture and programme design processes”. The audit results will provide an informed perspective for reviewing and adjusting the organizational policies, programmes, structures and procedures.


3. Aims and Objectives


The purpose of the gender audit  is to understand to what degree does ZNNP+ policies, practices, systems, procedures, staffing, culture and resources deliver on the organisation’s commitment to addressing gender equality within the context of HIV and to use this to develop an action plan/strategy to guide ZNNP+  work towards implementing this commitment.


Specifically, this gender audit will serve to:


a) Assess progress and performance on how gender equality and social justice  issues are being addressed in ZNNP+ strategies and programming, networks and internal organisational structures and processes. This will include the extent to which internal policies, procedures, systems and practices address gender equality (programme management related policies and procedures, financing, policy & advocacy, human resource policies and practice etc).


b) To assess staff understanding, knowledge and attitudes in relation to gender transformative approaches and their work, and to identify support needed.


c) Develop practical and concrete recommendations for integrating gender equality within programming, partnerships and organisational processes in ZNNP+


d) Promote enthusiasm, commitment and learning on gender equality in order to build a more gender responsive workforce within ZNNP+


4. Methodology


The proposed assignment should be a systematic process of exploring the organisation (ZNNP+), current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and culture to develop a picture of what we are doing on gender equality at various levels of operation. It will use a range of qualitative and quantitative methods to explore gender issues in all areas of our work from internal human resources policies to programme work to financial and human resources and advocacy, fundraising and campaigns.


5. Specific Tasks


• Development and agreement/finalization of ToRs (including the scope of work, work plan process and timeframe)

• Meeting with senior management (Directorate) at ZNNP+ to outline the process and ensure senior level understanding and ownership of the process

• Establishment and induction of a gender task force to spearhead the process

• Development and roll out of a self-assessment process to assess knowledge about gender and development, existing skills amongst staff, policies and systems that support gender equality, commitment, will and leadership

• Review of key organisational policies and documents against agreed criteria

• Facilitate, document and analyse focus group discussions and undertake individual interviews with staff and membership (number of FGDs and interviews to be agreed)

• Review the organogram and determine relevance of a standalone Gender Focal Person role or integration

• Review and update the gender policy

• Data collection and analysis

• Report write up (that explicitly spells out gaps, challenges and opportunities for improving gender mainstreaming in the organisation)

• Facilitate action planning in response to findings

• Provide recommendations for implementation plan


6. Outputs


The outputs will be:

• Gender Audit assessment tools

• Reviewed and updated gender policy

• Training needs report (identification of training needs and opportunities for staff, management and membership)

• A full report of the process, methodology, findings and recommendations.


7. Liaison


The consultant(s) primary contact will be the Executive Director and will work closely with the established Gender taskforce.


8. Time Frame


The anticipated length of the consultancy is approximately 15 days (with flexibility for adjustment) to be started as soon as possible.


9. Consultant Specification


ZNNP+ seeks an institutional consultancy whose team leader possess the following attributes;


1. An Advanced Degree(s) in Social Sciences, Public Health, Economics.

2. Demonstrated knowledge of gender equality and at least 5 years experience in conducting HIV and Gender audits

3. Proven ability and experience with communicating diverse material to various levels (grassroots PLHIV, technocrats, policy makers)

4. Strong writing, analytical and communication/facilitation skills in the three languages of English, Shona and Ndebele (ability to work across diverse cultural backgrounds)

5. Excellent computer skills(word processing, power point and excel)


10. Expressions of interest Submission

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday 6 March 2015. Please attach the current CVs of team leader and members, as well as the indicative budget for the assignment. EOI must be no longer than 10 pages maximum, including appendices. EOI should be sent to;

The Executive Director, ZNNP+ 28 Divine Road Milton Park Harare or Email to