TERMS OF REFERENCE: Content Development Regional Coalition of Allies and Champions SRHR Policy Advocacy Kit



Terms of Reference


Programme:            Transforming Lives – Transforming the Policy Environment for

Accelerating Access to SRHR by Adolescents and Young

People, within a SDGs Framework, in Southern Africa


Task Purpose:          Content Development Regional Coalition of Allies and Champions SRHR Policy Advocacy Kit


Issue Date:              11 November 2019


Location:                    SADC Region


  1. Background

SAfAIDS is a regional SRHR, HIV and gender and human rights focused NGO established in 1994, whose operations span the SADC Region. Its Regional Office is based in Zimbabwe, and it has Country Offices in the Kingdom of Eswatini, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe with Country Focal Points in Malawi and Lesotho. SAfAIDS’ mandate promotes SRHR; Gender Equality; and HIV and TB Responses within a human rights framework, across the SADC region, in collaboration with State and non-State actors at policy, service delivery and community levels. SAfAIDS is implementing a three and a half year (2018-2021) regional policy and advocacy programme, which seeks to influence the policy environment in three thematic SRHR spheres of Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), adolescent unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion with links to maternal mortality as well as access to youth friendly SRHR information and services.

The programme seeks to contribute towards a more conducive policy environment that enables positive SRHR outcomes among Adolescent Girls and Young People, in Southern Africa, by 2021. The programme has the following strategic objectives:

  1. Strategic Objective 1 (SO1): Policy Development: Support the development of SADC Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV) Response Guidelines for Adolescents by Member States, by 2021
  2. Strategic Objective 2 (SO2): Policy Advocacy: Advocate to SADC Member States to scale up Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies and Unsafe Abortions among Sexually Active Adolescents by 2021
  3. Strategic Objective 3 (SO3): Social Accountability Monitoring: Strengthen the Capacity of Regional Youth Organisations and Networks in Social Accountability Monitoring of the delivery of Youth-friendly SRH Information and Services in southern Africa, by 2021
  4. Strategic Objective 4 (SO4): Evidence and Knowledge Sharing: Enhance knowledge sharing of models, innovations and strategies on SGBV, Unintended Pregnancies and Unsafe Abortions among Adolescents and Social Accountability Monitoring within the region and across the broader sector, by 2021.


Under SO2, SAfAIDS is establishing a Regional Coalition of Allies and Champions comprising selected influencers within the Political, Religious, Traditional, Health and Justice (PRTHJ) leadership, men and boys, AGYW and media. Establishing the coalition will build a cadre of Allies and Champions who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to advance the Campaign message on the need for policy transformation to remove restrictions on access to safe abortion in the SADC region. SAfAIDS will build and strengthen the knowledge and skills of the selected coalition in safe abortion advocacy.


  1. Purpose and Scope of the Consultancy

2.1       Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to develop content for an advocacy kit, focusing specifically on the safe abortion agenda. The tool will be used to enhance advocacy skills of allies to effectively engage on policy response on ending unsafe abortion in the SADC region.  

2.2       Scope of the Consultancy  

  • Develop a detailed safe abortion advocacy kit for multi-sectoral stakeholders.
  1. Key Deliverables

The following are the key deliverables for this Assignment;

  • Framework for the Advocacy Kit, informed by existing draft skeletal guideline from SAfAIDS, by 22nd November 2019.
  • Preliminary (first draft) of the Advocacy Kit, in Microsoft Word, shared with SAfAIDS by 3rd December 2019.
  • Incorporation of feedback shared by SAfAIDS and key stakeholders/reviewers identified by SAfAIDS, by 5th December 2019.
  • Finalisation of Advocacy Kit content in Microsoft Word, by 10th December 2019.
  • Preparation of session presentations and handouts, in liaison with the SAfAIDS Facilitators, by 13th December 2019.
  • Share final Advocacy Kit, incorporating feedback and observation from the Regional Workshop, by 20th December 2019.


4        Expert Qualifications and Experience

The Consultant should be;

  • A degree or diploma in Public Health, Social Sciences, Development Studies, Communication or related fields.
  • Highly experienced content developer, with a proven track record in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights advocacy and programming, particularly abortion advocacy.
  • Experience in communication and training will be an added advantage.
  • Able to submit clearly stated references for assignments previously undertaken.


5     Applications and Contracting

Applicants with the experience, skills and expertise for this assignment should submit a both technical and financial proposal documents to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  copying This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 15th November 2019. The technical proposal in not more than 10 pages should detail the following:

  • Consultant profile and curriculum vitae;
  • A capacity statement including demonstrated ability to handle the assignment (including at least three samples of recent previous relevant work);
  • A detailed plan of conducting the assignment, with clear description of the methodology;
  • Detailed budget breakdown;
  • At least three recent and relevant organizations where similar services of the Consultant have been utilized including contact details and title of assignment(s).

Applications should be shared with SAfAIDS by 15th November 2019, and successful applicants will be engaged through a signed Contract which will outline terms of condition, payment, and deliverable timeframes for this Consultancy.


The Consultant should be ready to start the assignment immediately