TERMS OF REFERENCE: Desk Review For The Rock Leadership 90 Programme

Programme: Rock Leadership Programme: Sensitising Traditional Leadership on social and structural drivers of HIV, STIs and TB in South Africa
Task Purpose: Conduct desk review on the social and structural drivers of HIV, STIs and TB to provide evidence to inform the traditional leaders’ sensitisation workshops in all the 9 provinces of South Africa

Issue Date: 1st August 2018
Location: South Africa

1. Background
SAfAIDS South Africa is a non-profit organisation (NPO), registered under article 21 of the Company’s Act, registration number 2008/025903/12, whose goal is to complement national efforts to reduce HIV, increase uptake of SRH, HIV and TB information and services, and build community resilience through advocacy, capacity building, communication and social mobilisation. SAfAIDS in collaboration with Department of Social Development (DSD) and South Africa National AIDS Council (SANAC) Trust is planning to sensitise traditional leaders on social and structural drivers of HIV, STIs and TB infections in line with the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on HIV, STIs and TB for the period 2017 to 2022. According to SANAC this strategy is anchored in shared commitment to ending HIV, TB and STIs and requires the full backing of all South Africans, under the theme “Let Our Actions Account”. It is against this background that SAfAIDS will be rolling out this rock leadership sensitisation project on social and structural drivers of HIV, STIs and TB contributing to goal four (4), reaching and engaging 8230 community Leadership by the end of the project in 2020.

2. Purpose and Scope of Task
2.1 Purpose
The main purpose of this short-term consultancy is to conduct desk review on the social and structural drivers of HIV, STIs and TB in all the 9 provinces of South Africa to provide evidence to inform traditional leadership sensitisation workshops. In order to triangulate the desk review findings, the Consultant is encouraged to hold selected key informant interviews, per the scope outlined below.
2.2 Scope
The scope entails executing the following
 Design a methodology matrix outlining data collection and analysis methods and tools, samples and sources, for data generation
 Conduct a comprehensive desk review to:
o Identify current evidence on the drivers of HIV in South Africa in particular the social (including but not limited to cultural, religious, and economical) and structural factors.
o Identify population groups at high risk in each province of HIV infection and factors (traditional and religious practices and gender norms & practices, locations, seasons) that expose these population groups to HIV, STIs and TB as well as GBV in particular SGBV.
o Determine current levels of HIV services uptake and factors (traditional, religious, perceptions & attitudes and socio-economic) that influence uptake of HIV services.
 Triangulate the desk review with a number of key informant interviews
 Review and analyse the evidence generated
 Provide recommendations for diverse stakeholders at national and provincial levels, for both programming and policy practices, with a specific focus on the SAfAIDS programme material development and training protocols
 Package methodology, findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report

3. Key Deliverables
The following are the key deliverables for this Task:
 A brief inception report including methodologies and approaches on how to accomplish the Task, with clearly timed schedule.
 An analytical high quality report that includes a cover page, an executive summary, acronyms and abbreviations, acknowledgements, introduction and background, methodologies and approaches, key findings and analysis, recommendations, conclusions, references. An Annex will include the methodology matrix, tools used and contacts of key informant interviewees. The main report should not exceed 30 pages from the cover page to the references. The Annex may constitute additional pages.

4 Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
The Consultant should have a minimum of Master’s Degree in Public Health, Social Sciences or related discipline. In addition, the Consultant should have:
 At least 5 years’ experience in research and evidence generation on related topics to the scope of this Task
 Preferably have knowledge and understanding of health-related dynamics and developments in South Africa
 Good writing and communication skills
 Flexible in embracing and incorporating feedback to process steps in assignments
 Highly professional and ethical in their conduct, and collaborative in their interpersonal interactions

5 Applications and Contracting
Applications are to be shared with SAfAIDS by 31st August 2018. Applications must include (i) Profile and CV, (ii) At least 3 samples of previously related work, and (iii) A technical and financial approach for the Consultancy. Selected applicants will be engaged through a signed Contract which will outline terms of condition, remuneration and deliverable timeframes. Applications should be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Terms of Reference Here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ylDuYuhe_BhXPOnurQELjTwT8vFzaYk8