Call for Consultancy Services

Project Title: Transforming Lives – Transforming the Policy Environment for Accelerating Access to SRHR by Adolescents and Young People, within an SDGs Framework, in Southern Africa (2018-2020)

Consultancy Title: Content Development for a Toolkit on Social Accountability Monitoring for Youth-friendly SRHR Services

Issue Date: 6 March 2018 [Readvertised- open until filled]

Location: Consultant should be based in southern Africa and/or any of the implementing countries.

  1. Background

SAfAIDS, through funding support from Sweden, is implementing a three-year (2018-2020) regional policy and advocacy programme, which seeks to work at the regional level to influence policy in three thematic SRHR spheres of sexual gender-based violence, adolescent pregnancy and unsafe abortion with links to maternal mortality and access to youth friendly SRHR information and services. Under Strategic Objective 3, the programme seeks to strengthen the capacity of regional youth organisations and networks in social accountability monitoring of the delivery of youth-friendly SRH information and services, in southern Africa, by 2020.

Under this objective, SAfAIDS seeks to contract a technical expert to lead and jointly undertake a research and content development process aimed at developing, finalising and endorsing a Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) Toolkit to be utilised in SAfAIDS implementing countries: - Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Toolkit will work closely with, and complement, the MobiSAM app to be concurrently piloted by Rhodes University.


2.         Purpose and Objectives of the Consultancy

2.1       Purpose

The main purpose of this assignment is to research and develop content for a toolkit on social accountability monitoring (SAM) for Youth-friendly SRHR services. The toolkit will be a ‘How To’ Guide on the practice of social accountability monitoring for regional youth networks and youth-led civil society organisations of varying sizes and skill sets. The toolkit will be utilised in all six SAfAIDS operational countries.

2.2       Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this assignment are to:

  1. Conduct a literature review of SAM tools focusing on SRHR and health and relevant to the southern African context;
  2. Design and facilitate a participatory four-day working meeting with youth networks, SAM experts and SAfAIDS staff to develop content parameters and discuss context speicific issues to guide content towards the development of an effective SAM toolkit; and
  3. Draft narrative and instructive content, models, tools and propose a user-friendly structure for the SAM Toolkit.

3          Methodology

3.1       Research, Content Development and Review

The consultant will conduct a desk review, including analysis of the most effective, up-to-date and available best practices on SAM, focusing on SRH and health (but not excluding review of tools from other sectors deemed applicable or adaptable across thematic areas). Applicants to this call are welcome to provide more details on the proposed methodology/process outlined in these TORs. The consultant will work closely with identified SAfAIDS staff in finalising all deliverables. Content MUST follow SAfAIDS Style Guide and be written in plain English that facilitates translation into localised languages.

3.2       Deliverables

The following are the key deliverables for this assignment:

  1. Literature Review Document that proposes a framework and SAM template for use in the SAM Toolkit within 5 working days of contract signing;
  2. Workshop Report, including Updated Toolkit Structure and Content Considerations within 2 days of workshop being held;
  3. Draft 1 of the SAM Toolkit by 30 March;
  4. Lead and incorporate feedback on an approved draft (with agreed stakeholders) from an online validation/review process by 18 April 2018;
  5. Final draft of Content by 30 April 2018.

The exercise anticipates 20 consultancy days that should be spread over and completed within 60 calendar days (March/April 2018) from the date of contract signing. To facilitate attainment of these deliverables, SAfAIDS will support the consultant through provision of all the necessary documents, sensitisation and mobilisation of key stakeholders and provision of technical support throughout the process, including guidance on the write-up and presentation of all content.

4          Consultant Qualifications and Experience

The consultant should have at minimum a Master’s Degree in Governance, Political Science, or Law. In addition, the consultant should possess the following:

  • Work Experience in Social Accountability and Policy Analysis;
  • At least five years’ research experience on issues particularly SRHR, Gender and Health in general;
  • Experience in using participatory approaches and innovative facilitation techniques, especially with young people;
  • Demonstrable experience in documentation, writing and content development in Social Accountability, Policy, SRHR, Gender and/or Health (including samples authored by the consultant of reports and/or analytical pieces);
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including excellent spoken and written English;
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills; and
  • Clearly stated references for works previously performed.

5     How to Apply

Applicants with the experience, skills and expertise for this assignment should submit a technical proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and cc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 13th March 2018. The technical proposal should detail the following:

  • Understanding of the ToR;
  • A capacity statement including demonstrated ability to handle the assignment (including samples of previous relevant work);
  • A detailed plan of conducting the exercise, with clear description/understanding of the methodology;
  • Budget breakdown detailing consultancy costs; and
  • A list of three recent and relevant organizations where similar services of the consultant have been utilized including contact details and title of assignment.

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The Consultant should be ready to start the assignment immediately.