Terms of Reference (TORs) for Organisational Development (OD) Consultant to conduct an Organisational Restructuring, Job Evaluation and Job Grading

 Terms of Reference (TORs) for Organisational Development (OD) Consultant to conduct an Organisational Restructuring, Job Evaluation and Job Grading


  1. Introduction

SAfAIDS is a regional non-governmental organization established in 1994. Through advocacy, communication and social mobilization, the organization promotes effective and ethical development responses to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR), HIV and TB and influence changes in policy and social practices. SAfAIDS advocates gender equality and the rights of women, girls and key population groups to access sexual reproductive health services and rights, by confronting complex issues like harmful social practices, human rights and stigma. Over the past 15 years SAfAIDS has established working models and methodologies which effectively expanded its community level interventions across the Southern African region. With support from development partners, the organisation contributed to reversing poor SRH outcomes, reduction of risk and vulnerabilities to HIV, and promoting gender equality amongst communities. This work was done with reciprocal links to, and complementing, national Government and regional (RECs) structures, policies and directions.


  1. Background to the Proposed Organisational Restructuring Process

Organisational restructuring is often driven by significant changes in the organisational strategy or shift in the environment that requires leaders to undertake such a large-scale initiative. In 2017, the American government led by President Donald Trump signed an expanded Global Health Policy, commonly referred to as the Mexico City Policy, to curtail any efforts to provide, counsel and refer women for abortion as a method of family planning in all its health programmes. In response SAfAIDS transferred all USAID funded projects, staff and resources to other USAID partners that could be compliant with the Policy, within a short space of time. In contribution towards SAfAIDS Organisational Strategy 2016 – 2020 “Beyond HIV” SAfAIDS will be implementing a 3-year regional policy program Transforming Lives 2018-2020 to work at the regional level in southern Africa and SADC in SRHR policy development, advocacy and implementation. The program will shift SAfAIDS from its primary focus on grass-roots and community level activities, to operate mainly at the regional level as a policy and advocacy organisation. It will base its work on technical expertise, track advocacy, working with tactics such as lobbying and advising member states on key technical areas such as SRHR and SGBV; policy influence and campaigns, youth leadership, engagement and social accountability. Both these key milestones have necessitated the organisation to reflect and to ensure that the current organisation and its structure are still aligned to its overall strategy, vision and mission and goals-, and are fit-for-purpose, as well as its ability to deliver on the new regional program. Therefore, SAfAIDS is seeking external support to assist with critically evaluating and implementing a combination of changes in structure, people, technology, governance and culture that is needed to execute in this direction, while keeping SAfAIDS comparative advantage at the national level. The purpose of the restructuring process is not just to look at the boxes and lines in the organisational structure, but to identify the “best design to get the right work done in the best possible way” and align to the organisational strategy and its people, for success.

  1. Organisational Restructuring Process

By way of these Terms of Reference SAfAIDS will engage an Organisational Restructuring and Change Management expert, with the requisite skills, that include a strong understanding of the work of SRHR Regional NGOs, and experience of supporting similar processes with NGO operations within the African context. The review process must be driven by the principle of “Form follows Function” where it is expected that the consultancy begins with gaining an understanding who we are and what we do so as to determine what organisational structure will best fit with what we do. Therefore, the OD expert is expected to thoroughly review and understand the organisation by reviewing the following key documents: 1) SAfAIDS Organisational Strategy 2016 – 2020 “Beyond HIV”; 2) SAfAIDS Regional 3 year Policy Proposal (Transforming Lives); and 3) Current organisational structure and job descriptions and some Organisational evaluation reports. Consultations with relevant stakeholders and staff will be conducted to ensure buy-in and to value add to the process.

 The process will include the following 7 key tasks:

  1. Review the organisational strategy and validate its relevance as the guiding document
  2. Review the current structure, job descriptions, grades and make recommendations for a new or improved structure with roles that align well with the organisational strategy and the 3-year regional program on Transforming Lives and beyond for sustainability
  3. Propose functions and mandate for new teams and positions, including job-descriptions, as necessary that aligns well with the organisational strategy and key programmes
  4. Conduct a skills gap analysis on existing staff and identify current capacity which can be up-skilled to deliver on new functions, and additional skills needed to deliver the strategy and regional program.
  5. Conduct a Job Evaluation, Job Grading and Salaries and benefits benchmarked with other regional organisations of a similar nature for the new structure
  6. Provide a cost-benefits analysis of shifting the organisation from the current structure to a new proposed structure
  7. Develop a draft transition plan and budget for the support needed during the transition period


  1. Scope of Engagement

The Consultant will work closely with the Executive Director and the Board Committee on Human Resources and Remuneration. SAfAIDS will provide the Consultant with all relevant documentation, contacts for stakeholders and relevant information to provide insight into the current organizational operations.


The Consultant will be accountable for the following deliverables

  • An Inception Report: The inception report should be prepared by the Consultant before embarking on a fully-fledged review exercise. The inception report will detail the Consultant’s understanding of what is being reviewed and why, as well as proposed methods, tools, sources of data and procedures intended to answer each review question. The inception report should also include a proposed schedule of tasks, activities, timeline, deliverables and key issues. The inception report shall not exceed 5 pages.
  • A Draft Report: The Consultant will deliver a draft report within the indicative assignment timeframe. The draft report should not exceed 30 pages. SAfAIDS will provide inputs to the report, through both consultative meetings and physical reviews. The report must include a job evaluation, job grading and salary structure in line with the new organogram.
  • A Final Report: The Consultant will deliver a final report to SAfAIDS, within the stipulated timelines.
  • A transition plan and budget from the current structure to the new structure must be submitted together with the final report
  1. Timeframes

This assignment will be executed against the following time schedule:

  • Advertisement of TORs between 1st December and 22nd December 2017
  • End date for applications will be 22nd December 2017
  • Screening and selection of Consultant, against set criteria, by 27th - 31st December 2017
  • Interview of selected candidates and final selection of Consultant, by 28th – 29th January 2018
  • Consultant pitch of Inception Report to SAfAIDS, by 5th February 2018
  • Assignment period between 8th – 29th February 2018
  • First draft report submission by 5th March 2018
  • Final assignment report submission 10th March 2018


6. Consultant Qualifications

The Consultant should have at minimum a Master’s Degree in Management Studies, Organisational Development or a related field, with:

  • At least 7 years demonstrated knowledge and experience in conducting and facilitating organisational restructuring, including feasibility studies and sustainability modelling, for NGOs in the African context
  • Ability to conduct strategy reviews, develop job descriptions and organisational structures to align to the strategy of the organisation
  • Experience with Change Management processes
  • Knowledge and experience in using participatory approaches and innovative techniques, with organizational leadership.
  • Well-versed with SRHR, HIV prevention and GBV programming and operations
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills


Interested applicants are expected to submit a response to the terms of reference articulating their proposed understanding, methodology, capacity statement, timelines and CVs of the proposed experts and the budget, by close of business on 22nd December 2017.

Responses should be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . With a clear subject heading Organisational Restructuring - Response to SAfAIDS Terms of Reference