Terms of Reference

Conduct a Baseline Study for the Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV Response (PITCH) Programme in Zimbabwe



Programme Name

Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV Response

Response required by

04 November 2017

Line Management

Senior Adviser: Monitoring and Evaluation (PITCH)

Scope of Work

Harare, Bulawayo, Bubi, Masvingo Urban, Mashava and Chivi

Contracting Organisation

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

 About PITCH Programme

PITCH – Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response is a 5-year programme (2016 -2020) in the policy framework dialogue and dissent of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme purposes to fight AIDS in 9 countries (Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ukraine) most affected by HIV with a focus on key populations and women and girls. PITCH is a strategic partnership between AidsFonds, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Zimbabwe, the programme key goals include;

  1. Equal access to HIV-related services to Key Populations[1], Young Women and Adolescent Girls
  2. Sexual and reproductive health and rights for those most affected by HIV
  3. Equal and full rights for key populations, adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe
  4. Strong key populations and youth led civil society organisations that are successful HIV advocates


The programme aims to achieve the above through four main strategies. This includes;


  1. Build on and coordinate our partnership networks
  2. Enhance the flow and use of evidence and intelligence
  3. Engage advocacy targets
  4. Strengthen civil society’s HIV advocacy capacity

 Scope and Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a baseline study for a pre-selected set of indicators. The baseline intends to document the initial status of the targeted groups/ individuals as per the pre-selected set of indicators. Refer to annex#1 for the Zimbabwe Results Framework.

Approach and Methodology

For the above set of indicators, we do not intend to conduct a survey. Therefore, the proposed methodology by the consultant should take this into consideration. For example, indicator S1.1, we intend only to sample a few key informants (decision makers) within the health ministry, police etc whose perception will be tracked throughout the project. Based on this, the sampling approach to be adopted will be mainly be mainly purposive (non-probability sampling), and where applicable, snowball sampling technique will be applied.

We anticipate that a detailed methodology will be agreed upon and documented in the form of an inception report after a desk review of all the relevant programme documents (results framework, context analysis report, etc) by the consultant and an inception meeting between the consultant, Senior Adviser (M&E) for PITCH and the PITCH country Focal Person for Zimbabwe.


We propose the following approach but the bidding consultant firm is free to advice where necessary;

  • Inception meeting: This will be between the consultant/firm, Senior Adviser (M&E) and the Country Focal Person (Zimbabwe). The meeting will be used to level expectations and harmonise the approach and methodology to be adopted moving forward.
  • Desk review: This will include the programme proposal, context analysis report, results framework, the M&E strategy, the Theory of Change, proposed programme M&E tools and other documents relevant to the assignment.
  • Inception Report: The consultant/firm will be expected to provide an inception report outlining a harmonised approach and methodology required to deliver on this assignment. The annexes to the inception report will include; standard tools/ templates for each component that will be used in this programme for the baseline, an updated workplan/itinerary, an updated list of target respondents across the 4 outcomes and a proposed report format.
  • Field work (Data collection and analysis): Harare, Bulawayo, Bubi, Masvingo Urban, Mashava and Chivi.
  • Draft Report and presentation of preliminary finding (validation): This will be through power point presentation to a selected group of programme staffs in Zimbabwe.
  • Final Report: Present the final report in softcopy that do not exceed 25 pages. The format of the report will be agreed upon between the consultant/firm and the Senior Adviser (M&E).

Key Deliverables and timeframe

We envisage that the assignment will be conducted in 15 days as outlined below;



 # of Days

Draft and submit an inception report with all the relevant annexes

2 days 

Data collection in Harare, Bulawayo, Bubi, Masvingo Urban, Mashava and Chivi

5 days 

Draft report

4 days

Presentation of preliminary findings for validation

1 day

Work on the final report

3 days

 Consultancy quality and ethical standards

The consultant/firm should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the consultancy is designed and conducted to respect and protect the rights, confidentiality and welfare of the people and communities involved and to ensure that the data is technically accurate and reliable, is conducted in a transparent and impartial manner and contributes to programme learning and accountability.


  1. Utility: The baseline data and recommendations must be useful and should form the basis of implementing the proposed programme activities for each target group.
  2. Feasibility: The baseline must be realistic, diplomatic, and managed in a sensible, cost effective manner.
  3. Ethics & Legality: Data collection must be conducted in an ethical and legal manner, with particular regard for the welfare of those involved in the exercise.
  4. Impartiality & Independence: Data collection should be impartial, providing a comprehensive and unbiased information.
  5. Transparency: Data collection activities should reflect an attitude of openness and transparency, and consent of all target groups must be sought before collecting the data.
  6. Accuracy: The baseline should be technically accurate, providing sufficient information about the data collection, analysis, and interpretation methods so that its worth or merit can be determined.

 Obligation of the two parties in the consultancy

 Obligation of the consultant/firm

  • Provide strategic leadership and guidance throughout the assignment.
  • Inform the Senior Adviser: M&E in a timely fashion on the progress made and any challenges encountered.
  • Conduct the consultancy as per agreements in TOR and contract, and if modifications are necessary, bring to the attention of the PITCH M&E technical lead before making any changes.
  • Submit the reports on a timely basis as per the contract agreement.
  • Cater for own costs- travel to the central point- accommodation, meals, medical cover etc.

 Obligation of PITCH

  • Make sure the consultant is provided with the necessary and required resources i.e. the programme documents
  • Facilitate the work of the consultant in accessing target groups where necessary
  • Monitor the daily work of the consultant and bring to the attention of the consultant any concerns that may arise
  • Provide technical oversight in the review of all deliverables
  • Provide timely comments on the draft report

 Required qualifications

  • Masters degree in Public Health, Social Sciences, Development Studies or Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Must have a background and experience in conducting baseline, reviews in HIV and SRHR related programmes.
  • Desirable: Demonstrate a good understanding of the HIV and SRHR landscape in Zimbabwe (including policies and laws) specifically in relation to key populations (LGBT and SW) and AGYW.
  • Experience in using score cards, policy tracking tools etc. (desirable)
  • Experience in either implementing or evaluating advocacy/human rights programmes
  • Experience in mainstreaming gender in HIV and SRHR programming

Application Procedure

Applicants (Zimbabwe nationals only) are invited from suitably qualified consultants/firm. Local organisations/partners working on the rights of key populations and AGYW are free to apply

Interested individuals should submit:

  • A maximum of 10-page Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing your understanding of the assignment, proposed methodology and relevant experience of the consultant/firm in conducting similar assignments in the past – M&E for advocacy, demonstrate a good understanding of the HIV and SRHR policy and laws landscape in Zimbabwe specifically in relation to key populations, a good understanding of the human rights principles, an approach to integrating gender in the study.  
  • A summary work plan for the proposed 15 days.
  • A detailed budget (all inclusive – professional fees, accommodation, transport etc)
  • Sample (one) of similar (KP studies) work conducted by the consultant/firm
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae of the consultant/s


Deadline for application: Applications must be submitted by 04 November, 2017 to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

















[1] LGBT and Sex Workers