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Kids ART Education Series - The Children's Treatment Literacy Toolkit

Responding to the HIV and AIDS Related Needs of Children in Southern Africa


The package, Kids ART Education Series (KAES) shares knowledge, facts and a series of creative and fun activities, centered around children and antiretroviral therapy (ART). Children can share it with their peers, family, friends and other members in the community. Children living with HIV are a critical group of people living with HIV (PLHIV), and are often overlooked when efforts are made in promoting community ART literacy.


This package contains the following tools:

- ART Knowledge Board Game,

- Pack of 20 ART Quiz cards,

- Interactive Poster,

- Three types of Advocacy Stickers,

- Kids Adherence Calendar

- A Watch to help with adherence,

- TB, HIV and Children Brochure,

- Kids ART Adherence Calendar and


- A series of 8 booklets entitled:

    o Introduction to Children's ART Literacy Series

    o HIV & AIDS and My Treatment

    o My Family and My Treatment

    o My Body and My Treatment

    o People who Support me with My Treatment

    o My Daily Life and My Treatment

    o My Future and My Treatment

    o Learning About My Treatment can be Fun


Training of Trainers (ToT) Handbook: Supporting Parents and Caregivers of Children Living with HIV 

Board Game522.77 KB
Quiz Cards1.2 MB
Poster243.12 KB
Quiz Card Stickers465.74 KB
Booklet 1: Introduction to Children's ART Literacy Series2.37 MB
Booklet 2: HIV & AIDS and My Treatment4.47 MB
Booklet 3: My Family and My Treatment789.14 KB
Booklet 4: My Body and My Treatment3.35 MB
Booklet 5: People who support me with My Treatment1.2 MB
Booklet 6: My Daily Life and My Treatment2.55 MB
Booklet 7: My Future and My Treatment1.65 MB
Booklet 8: Learning About My Treatment can be Fun1.37 MB
TB Brochure2.62 MB
KIDS ART Adherence Calendar424.61 KB
A Training Manual for Service Providers to support Children’s HIV Treatment Literacy in Communities 1.4 MB